Ghost mode in Gas app - what is it? Full overview

so how to use ghost mode in Gaza super easy here is what happens if you are using ghost mode so if some so you answered the poll on the gas app and someone wants to reveal you that's what they will see they will see ghost icon and they will see the small cannot be revealed the sender used god mode um so yeah like ghost mode is just a feature inside of a god mode so you can only access it if you already paint for the gas app and then if you go to your profile section tap on edit profile go to manage account and then you say here Anonymous mode and then you have a limit of 60 Minutes however it's just being reset like this I don't know if that's a bug or it just like works like that but you need to explicitly like enable it it just doesn't work if you have a god mode so if you have got more and enable this Anonymous mode and then go to pulse and then you can just enter like this and whatever then nothing happens people won't be able to reveal your name even if they have god mode the thing the thing they will see is that just um they will see just ghost icon um so yeah that's basically how God mode works it's called Anonymous mode a lot of people just call it ghost mode because there is like a ghost icon in the top right but you just have 59 minutes I don't know if it's per day or not but you can easily reset them and turn them back in but again you need to not forget to enable it because if you don't enable it and answer in the pulse like as I'm doing now the other people will be able to to see that to see your name even if you're running god mode um so yeah something like that it's interesting feature give it a try

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