Ghosting in ten ten app

Ghosting in the "1010" App

During a recent video transcript review discussing the popular social media app TikTok, an interesting feature was highlighted regarding ghosting within the platform. Ghosting is a term that may be familiar to many in the dating realm, but its application within the "1010" app seems to serve a slightly different purpose.

In the transcript, the speaker mentions a specific function within the app that allows users to ghost someone during a conversation. Here's a breakdown of how this feature works:

  • When using the "1010" app and engaging in a conversation, there is a button that enables users to ghost the person they are speaking to.
  • To initiate ghosting, users are instructed to pull down in the top part of the app interface.
  • By ghosting someone, users are essentially signaling the end of a conversation or indicating that they are leaving the interaction.

Interestingly, the transcript mentions two distinct actions related to ghosting: a red button at the bottom of the screen and the pull-down gesture to ghost. The speaker indicates uncertainty about the differences between these two methods and how they are reflected in the app interface.

While the specifics of how ghosting operates within the "1010" app remain somewhat unclear, it appears to be a feature designed to offer users a way to discreetly exit conversations or interactions within the platform.

As social media platforms continue to evolve and introduce new features, understanding these functionalities becomes crucial for users to navigate their online interactions effectively. The concept of ghosting within the "1010" app sheds light on the diverse ways in which communication tools are constantly evolving to meet users' needs in the digital age.

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