Glance App Widget error - best temporary solution - tap and hold the widget…

One of the frustrating issues that Glance App Widget users may come across is the widget error. Fortunately, there seems to be a temporary solution that might just work for you. All you need to do is tap and hold the widget, then tap on the pan that appears.

While most users have reported seeing the pan, there are some who haven't. In any case, if you do see the pan, you're one step closer to resolving the widget error. Now, you should be able to change the style to black, transparent, or no background - essentially any different style. Once you've made your selection, close it, and the widget should appear again. From there, you can change the style back to the one you had before.

It's important to note that this solution may only work temporarily, and its effectiveness may vary among users. Nonetheless, it's worth giving it a try and seeing if it resolves the issue for you. If it does, please let us know. And if it doesn't, at least it provides a faster way to fix the error for a while.

Some users have encountered a different issue where tapping the pan doesn't give them the opportunity to change the style. Instead, it immediately goes to quick overview. For these users, changing the style seems impossible. However, they have found a workaround by restarting their phones, although this can be quite annoying. The restart temporarily fixes the problem, but it's not a permanent solution.

Another user shared their experience with the widget error and their attempt at fixing it. They decided to remove all the updates for the Glance App and clicked on the error message. This opened the app menu, where they selected the "I" located at the top right. This action allowed them to delete all updates for the app, offering some relief from the error. It's another option that you can consider if you're still struggling with the widget error.

In summary, the Glance App Widget error can be frustrating, but there are temporary solutions that you can try. The tap-and-hold method, as well as removing updates or restarting your phone, may provide some respite from the error. However, it's essential to remember that these solutions might not work for everyone, and the effectiveness may vary. If you've tried these suggestions or discovered other solutions, please share your experience. Together, we can help each other navigate and resolve these tech issues.

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