GLANCE APP WIDGET ERROR - not solved after 10 days - all possible ways to fix

Glance app widget error has been a persistent issue for many users, with some reporting that it remains unresolved even after 10 days. In this article, I will share all the possible ways to fix this frustrating problem. After scouring through various sources such as blog posts, Reddit, Google community forums, and viewer comments on previous videos, I have compiled the most effective solutions.

Firstly, it appears that this error is occurring due to an update in the Google app, slated for early 2024. Therefore, the issue is expected to be resolved with the upcoming update. However, until then, there are a few temporary solutions you can try.

One popular temporary fix involves changing the widget style. Simply long press on the widget arrow, select "configure" in the context menu, and choose a different widget style. Check if this resolves the error. You can refer to a blog post (insert hyperlink) for detailed steps and a screenshot demonstration.

Another recommended solution is to toggle the "At a Glance" feature. Disable it by long pressing, selecting "customize," tapping on "At a Glance," and turning it off. After a few seconds, re-enable it. This action may refresh the underlying settings and potentially rectify the issue.

Some users have reported success in fixing the problem by removing and adding a new "At a Glance" widget once every 24 hours. While this may seem a bit cumbersome, it provides a temporary resolution.

If you are open to modifying your Android system, you can try changing the font and display size. Go to settings, select display, and adjust the font and display size using the slider. Check if this resolves the glance widget error on your device.

Another possible solution is to delete the data associated with the Google app and set up a fresh instance. Head to the settings app, navigate to all apps, select the Google app, go to storage and cache, and tap on "delete data." Launch the app, sign into your account, and observe the results.

There are also alternative methods, such as removing the "At a Glance" widget, but these can be more complicated and require technical skills. Consider exploring this option if you feel it is worth your time.

One viewer suggested force stopping and disabling the Google app, then reopening it to resolve the error. This could be another option to try.

These are the solutions I have gathered from various sources on the internet, which have received numerous upvotes and likes from users experiencing similar issues. It is my hope that Google will address and resolve this error in the coming days or weeks, potentially with a major release incorporating the "At a Glance" widget update in January or February.

If you have any other comments or solutions that have worked for you, I encourage you to share them in the comments below. Let's continue to help each other until this error is fully resolved.

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