Glance app widget error - possible solutions

Recently, there have been reports of users encountering errors with the Glance app widget. These errors have been causing frustration and inconvenience for many. However, fret not, as there are some possible solutions that you can try to resolve this issue.

One solution, as shared by a user on a subreddit, suggests going to the App Store listing for Google. From there, scroll down to the section that states you are a beta tester and tap on "leave." Wait for about 15 to 30 minutes, then open the app on your phone. You should be able to find an option to uninstall updates. By doing this, the Google app will revert back to the version that initially came with your phone. Once that's completed, return to the Play Store, and an update should be available to bring you back to the current non-beta version. Do keep in mind that you may need to reset some app preferences, especially related to the assistant, if you choose this solution.

Another user suggested downloading another launcher called Hyperion and setting the "at a glance" widget through it. While this solution failed on their first attempt, they were successful on the second try. They also recommend checking permissions and ensuring that Hyperion has permission to create widgets. Some users have also found success by selecting the "no launcher" app, opening app info, and checking permission and notifications.

It seems that for many users, the Glance app widget error is not limited to just Pixel phones, but affects all Android devices. Some users have reported that updating the Google app alone did not fix the issue, but stopping the app, clearing the cache, and then restarting it resolved the problem.

This issue might be related to Google introducing a new feature in early 2024, allowing users to completely remove the Glance widget. Hence, it is possible that these recent updates are an attempt by Google to prepare for this upcoming feature.

While some users have claimed that the latest update has resolved the issue, there are still reports of the widget not functioning even after updating the Google app. It appears that this error is proving to be stubborn for some users.

In conclusion, the Glance app widget error has been a source of frustration for many Android users. However, there are several potential solutions that you can try to address this problem. From reverting to the non-beta version of the Google app to downloading alternative launchers, these solutions have shown promise for some users. Additionally, clearing cache and stopping the app have also resolved the issue for others. As Google continues to release updates, it is hoped that these errors will be eliminated entirely. In the meantime, stay tuned for further developments and remember to keep your Google app updated to the latest version.

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