Glance app widget error STILL there after 10 days…

The Glance app widget error has been causing frustration for users for over a week now, with reports of the issue still pouring in even after 10 days. The problem first emerged around November 20th, although some users experienced it even earlier.

When encountering the error, users are greeted with an unusual message instructing them to check the exact error using adb logcat and searching for the glance app widget. This has left many users scratching their heads, searching for a solution.

In the absence of a comprehensive update from Google, there are a couple of temporary fixes that users have found to be effective. One solution involves tapping and holding the widget error message, then selecting the pen icon. This allows users to change the style back to transparent with no background. By choosing a different style and closing the settings, the error should disappear. Users can then revert to their original style. While it's unclear how long this fix will last, it has proven to work for now.

Another workaround that has been suggested is simply removing the widget and adding it again. Although this may need to be done once every 24 hours, it provides temporary relief until the error is addressed in an app update. While it may seem bothersome to constantly replace the widget, it offers a short-term solution.

These two solutions have been widely discussed and reiterated on various Google community forums. They may not be perfect, but they offer some respite until a more permanent fix is released. It's worth noting that Google is reportedly working on implementing an option to turn off the glitchy glance app widget, which should be included in future updates. According to sources, this fix is expected to be rolled out sometime in early 2024, although the exact timing remains unknown.

In the meantime, users are encouraged to make use of these temporary fixes and remain hopeful that a definitive update will soon put an end to the frustrating glitch.

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