Glance App widget error - still unable to resolve

The Glance App widget error has been an ongoing issue since November 20th to 22nd, and it seems to be causing frustration among users. Despite attempts to resolve the problem, it still persists. A help community post has been created regarding this issue, providing some temporary solutions. One such solution involves accessing the widget settings, where users can select and change the widget's style. However, this fix is only temporary, as the widget tends to fail again upon the next use of the phone. It is clear that this approach is not a reliable solution at all.

What is surprising is that Google has yet to release an update to their app or Android to address this persistent problem. The glitch is not limited to Google Pixel devices but also affects Samsung and other Android phones. Many users, including myself, have faced the same issue and have found no effective solution. Some have even resorted to using the Google weather widget as an alternative for a few days before returning to Glance. This workaround seems to work well for a short period, but only a reboot provides a more lasting resolution.

It is unfortunate that opening the widget settings and selecting a different style does not permanently solve the problem. Even though no reboot is required in this case, the temporary relief it provides only lasts for a few hours. It is understandable that users are becoming increasingly annoyed with this ongoing issue. However, until a more permanent fix is released, whether through a Google app update or an Android update, here are some potential solutions users can try.

Solutions to the Glance App widget error:

  1. Access widget settings: This is the first step in attempting to address the issue. Users can select different styles for the widget, although it may only provide temporary relief.
  2. Use alternative widgets: As mentioned earlier, some users have found that using the Google weather widget instead of Glance can be a temporary workaround. However, this may not be a viable long-term solution for everyone.
  3. Reboot your device: If you're experiencing immediate issues with the Glance widget, a simple reboot of your device may provide temporary relief. This is a time-consuming solution, but it seems to have had some success for certain users.

It is important to note that these solutions are not guaranteed to solve the problem permanently, but they may help alleviate the frustration caused by the Glance App widget error. Hopefully, Google will address this issue soon with an update to their app or Android, providing a more reliable and lasting fix. Until then, users will have to rely on these temporary workarounds to mitigate the problem with the widget.

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