Glance appwidget error - temporary solution

If you have been experiencing the "Glance appwidget error," there may be a temporary solution available. While this solution is not perfect, it seems to offer some relief for affected users. One user on Reddit suggests that removing the faulty widget and adding a new at-a-glance widget fixes the issue. This error seems to occur approximately once every 24 hours, so you may need to replace the widget daily. Although it may be somewhat inconvenient, this workaround should provide some temporary respite until the app is updated.

Other users have proposed additional solutions, such as reinstalling the Google app, but it appears that this error persists until Google releases a new version. In the future, Google intends to introduce the ability to completely remove the glance app widget in a forthcoming update expected in early 2024. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available, leaving users to rely on temporary workarounds.

If you are facing the "Glance appwidget error," it is worth giving this temporary solution a try. Removing and adding a new at-a-glance widget may offer a temporary fix for the issue. Hopefully, Google addresses this error in a future update, and users will no longer have to resort to daily widget replacements to mitigate the problem.

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