GLANCE WIDGET ERROR - what you can do?

A lot of users are currently facing a recurring at-glance widget error on their Android phones, specifically on Pixel devices running Android 14. Many affected users have been scouring the internet, visiting subreddits and Google forums in search of a solution. It appears that this issue arose after a recent Google update, and neither rebooting the phone nor re-adding the widget seems to resolve the problem.

Interestingly, one user discovered that uninstalling the recent Google update actually fixed the issue for them. This suggests that the bug is related to the most recent Google update. Unfortunately, it seems that removing the widget from the home screen is not possible in this scenario, making the situation even more frustrating for users who already had similar information displayed on their home screens.

This glitch is not limited to Pixel devices; it has also been reported on Galaxy phones and Galaxy Tab S9. However, it appears to occur less frequently on the Tab. A few users have found that restarting their phones multiple times helped temporarily resolve the issue, but others have reported that even after uninstalling and restarting Google, the error persists.

Interestingly, some users have successfully fixed this problem by simply removing the at-a-glance widget and adding a new one. While this offers a temporary workaround, it is admittedly quite bothersome to have to replace the widget every day. Ultimately, users are hopeful that a future app update or an Android system update will address and resolve this issue permanently.

If you have encountered this at-glance widget error and have found alternative solutions, we encourage you to share them in the comments below. Together, we can find ways to overcome this hurdle until an official fix is rolled out.

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