Glorify app - full overview

here is glorify app it's recently growing in charts so this is a prior and mindfulness app our team is currently working on creating the best app experience possible enjoy this new app version complete with bug fixes tweaks and improvements you can see some screenshots how it looks like and yeah you can connect the scott daily with guided meditation and prayer fun bible study plans that work for you develop spiritual routines and deepen your relationship with god glorify his number one christian daily worship and well-being app so let's just open up and see how it works for you to to decide if you want to get this app or not i'll just show you so here you can see some some features you can sign off with facebook email or apple or with your phone so usually i just sign up with apple id and then you can add your photo and then congratulations your uh profile completed so that was super easy and then you can see some quotes here you can then there is some pop-up for you to upgrade to to subscription is a annual or monthly subscription monthly 6.99 and then there is three-day free trial annual there is seven day free trial 47.99 per year so then here is the the home page basically you have daily quotes you can read it as there are some passages uh the versions and there are reflections which you can listen to so as you can see there are all these options uh then there are stretch call which is also like you know so it's as you can see here then you can listen to music or some meditational stuff so it's kind of similar to calm app or headspace other meditational absorbers you can in top select between mind and music you can also select your bible then there are some prayers then there is journaling you can quickly create a note you can add some highlight notes quotes or you can see that and then you can self journal so yep that's basically how it works you can start your daily goals there is your account um you can easily delete account that's that's a good feature actually because it means that app is caring about your privacy can enable or disable dark mode change narrator voice there is not a big okay so there is not a big selection but there you have it um and then yeah so then you can see current streak how many days you open the app longest tray like your pray time and all of that so that's how it works that step overview try it out i hope this overview was helpful if it was helpful please once in just put a like below this video the more likes you put the more people will be able to see this video and discover it so thank you again

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