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hello so here is gm the app which went viral on twitter um you could have gone to their website and then the idea is that there was a test flight version of the app so you just needed to download like a test flight app on iphone and then you could just get this app like a test flight and it went viral on twitter a lot of like investors tech founders started to use that app um it was just like a [Music] like seem very simple like kind of messaging app um but then six days ago yeah so you can still install it i think using this test flight link but uh but seems like the app is shut down right now so let's just go to so uh again like what says here the gm started as a small project among friends and then they just shared the test flight link and the number of people signed up uh yeah and then there are already 9 000 people who signed up but around wednesday 1st september uh someone have gained unauthorized access to users data including usernames displayness profile picture and phone numbers and the compiling app binary and stealing certain credentials the app was shut down and yeah so there you have it [Music] and then they just decided to they just decided to completely shut down their process because this kind of requires to become a full-time job scaling infrastructure and fighting hackers on the meme app so [Music] please law and gp for now and then there is a gm team which consists of like uh eight people at the moment but yeah they got a lot of exposure on twitter and it was for sure interesting project but as i understand now the gm is closed it's no longer available the last time the app was remained active until like september 6 or something um it was just renamed to gb mode and then everyone's data is just deleted so that's the idea so um yeah so it was a nice project leave your comments below what do you think about it and just yeah so that's what it is if you have some nice experience with it yeah just leave comments below what do you think is next why did you like the app i decided it's this shut down and stuff thank you for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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