Go.shop.app/mrbeast - how to get on the gift list?

If you're a fan of MrBeast and want to snag a gift from him, then you're in luck. MrBeast has launched a new campaign on the Shop app, and here's how you can get on the gift list.

To get started, simply visit the link go.shop.app/mrbeast. This will take you to the campaign page on the Shop app. Alternatively, you can directly open the app and navigate to the MrBeast store. Once there, you'll notice a blue banner that says "Get on the MrBeast gift list." Tap on it to proceed.

On the gift list page, you'll be prompted to enter your address. If you have set up Shopify Pay or any other payment method, you can link it here. Once you have inputted your details, tap the black button to request a gift.

The gifts offered by MrBeast are not restricted to specific products. You can enter any product available on the Shop app or specify your size for clothing items. It's important to note that these gifts are only available through the Shopify platform and are not accessible on other online marketplaces like Amazon or Apple.

The best part? Shipping is absolutely free, so you won't have to worry about any additional costs. MrBeast is currently giving away a whopping 2,100 items. This means you have a good chance of scoring a gift if you act fast.

Remember, this campaign is exclusively available on the Shop app, so make sure to download and install it if you haven't already. Once you're in, follow the steps mentioned above to request your gift from MrBeast.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to go.shop.app/mrbeast or open the Shop app now to join the MrBeast gift list and potentially receive a surprise from your favorite YouTuber. Happy shopping!

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