Google Bard Chat - how to use? Quick & easy overview

Google Bard Chat - How to Use? Quick & Easy Overview

Are you a fan of poetry or writing? Well, Google has recently released its latest AI language model, Google Bard, and it’s taking the world by storm. This AI model is designed to help you create personalized and unique content, such as poems or short stories, using various prompts. In this article, we’ll provide you with a quick and easy guide on how to use Google Bard Chat.

Getting Started with Google Bard Chat

Firstly, to get started with Google Bard Chat, all you have to do is visit Unlike other apps, you don’t need to download anything from the app store as there is no iOS or Android app for Google Bard Chat. Once you are on the website, you will see different prompts that you can choose from to get started.

Creating a Poem on Google Bard Chat

For instance, if you want to create a poem, Google Bard Chat is faster than its competitor, Chat GPT. The generated poem appears instantly, while in Chat GPT, the text appears slowly by line.

Editing Your Prompt in Google Bard Chat

Moreover, you can make changes and edits to your prompts on Google Bard Chat. You can also view other drafts that have been generated and regenerate them if you prefer. Additionally, Google Bard Chat can easily generate up to three messages at a time - a useful feature for anyone that wants to create multiple ideas quickly.

Sharing Your Work on Google Bard Chat

Once you’ve finished your content, you can like it, dislike it, or even export it to Google Docs or draft it in Gmail. This feature is useful if you want to create a cold email or a sequence that can be considered for your work.

Google Search and Google Bard Chat

While Google Bard Chat is still relatively new, it may not replace Google search entirely. Google’s new model sees Bard as a complementary resource to their broader offering. Additionally, Google is well aware that there are many stakeholders involved in Google search, and replacing everything with Google Bard Chat might create some issues for publishers, bloggers, creators, and businesses.


In conclusion, Google Bard Chat is a fun and interactive tool to explore. It’s a free service, and anyone in the US with a Google Account can get started today. So, start generating your own unique content with the help of Google Bard Chat and feel free to share your experience with us.

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