Google Bard - overview & how to use?

Google Bard - Overview & How to Use?

Google is widely known for its innovative technology, and it has recently come up with a new chatbot - Google Bard. The chatbot is designed to generate creative text and is believed to be more accessible than ever before. In this article, we will give you an overview of Google Bard and guide you through the process of using it.

To get started with Google Bard, you need to sign up on the web chat. Just visit and start testing it out. Currently, the bot is only available in the browser and not as an app. If you've not signed up, then visit the web page and complete the registration process. However, it is essential to note that the service is only available in the United States. It is not available in other countries, including Europe.

The first thing to have is a Google account, which you can use to sign in to Google Bard. Once you have signed in while in the US, you can start typing your desired output. The interface is quite similar to other chatbots like GPT-3 OpenAI. However, one noticeable difference is its speed. Bard is much faster than GPT-3 OpenAI, especially when handling much more complex tasks.

While writing a poem or a piece of complex writing using GPT-3 OpenAI, you may experience some delay, but Bard is quicker, giving instant results. However, that may come with bearable trade-offs. For instance, the quality of the writing might be inferior to that produced by GPT-3. One key feature that sets Google Bard apart from others is the ability to view other drafts. You can regenerate multiple drafts simultaneously, edit them, like or dislike them, and even export them to Google Docs.

Furthermore, you can use Bard to generate drafts that you can export in your email or copy to other places. Nevertheless, it is still an experimental technology, and it may produce inaccurate or fancy information that does not represent Google's views. It is crucial to note that Google aims to introduce this chatbot to general search results soon.

While this is great news, the SEO and blogger community is apprehensive about it. It might pose a significant challenge for bloggers and publishers as a question that once required human intervention could be answered by a chatbot.

To conclude, Google Bard is an exciting addition to the tech world. While its speed is impressive, we can only wait to see if it will compete efficiently with other chatbots like GPT-3 OpenAI. It's not yet available on Android or as an app, but you can access it via Chrome or any other browser. Try it out and see if it improves your writing output.

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