Google’s new Imagen AI tool - is better than DALL-E2?

so i just found this on twitter so probably you've heard about dell e2 uh an ai algorithm which can generate ai images and they can be like super realistic but here is the similar project from google and it's called image and ai image synthesis tool so here you can see some of the diffusion models with uh deep language understanding um so here you can see some of the examples and it's really astonishing so you can see uh it's like spruce in the shape of text imaging coming out of the fairy tale book a photo of the shiba inu dog is a backpack riding bike it's wearing sunglasses and a beach head high contrast portrait of a very happy fuzzy panda dressed as a chef of high end kitchen making dough cute sloths holding a small treasure chest so you can see all these images are just generated with ai and it's just really incredible uh so yeah that's what you can get i don't know how to access it uh probably you won't be able to access it beer api for years so here you can see all the ideas from this imagine so that's the idea you can see the uh search paper and then you can see all the ideas here so you can go to the website and there are like so many people who are working on it so yep that's basically the idea so go to this website and check it out

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