GoPuff app - how to create account?

hello everyone so here is the app called go puff alcohol and food delete have instant delivery of all the thousands of items 24 7 delivery delivery is always 1.95 earn rewards and save so interesting app it's in the top charts in food and drink 40 000 plus ratings 4.5 average rating um so yep pretty cool app uh and go puff numbers or just deliver pricing is always 195 dollars so let's just go like quickly how to create an account here is it complicated or not and then you can just tap to continue with apple so let's just create an account easily you can also use your email and all of that let's go why it's it doesn't work and finally it works so then you just need to enter your first name then you can enter your mobile number you can add plus one plus 33 plus 44 but let's just i will show you for the sake of this demo just with some test phone number and let's just see here so now i should receive this code so then you can just enter your address um yeah let's just for example you can just start shopping from here so that's basically how you create an account in go puff app so it's not complicated at all uh and then yeah you can just see all these categories cleaning grocery bus health snacks alcohol ice cream and this is the app which you can use with the always stable delivery 1.95 so then you just have my bag and then you have referrals good friends uh you go puff so if i want to share the code i can also just tap on email and i can share it so this is yeah what you can use so that's the idea hope it is helpful

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