Gowalla app - how to create an account? App overview

here's the interesting app called gowala gowala app social mapping app uh time to grab govala and get out in the real world kawala make is fun enough forceless to keep up with your friends in real life at your favorite places to the map check in when you go out find your crew in the real world it's a social map and messenger that reminds you an app can connect you with your real friends again so let's just install this app and you probably know that like zanley app was shut down recently and a lot of people just looking for some alternatives for zenly app just try to figure out what would be the best replacement of course there is like a Snapchat map uh but yeah here you can just create an account you can create an account with a phone number email or apple usually I just go with apple if it's possible because as you can see it's super fast with face ID and then I can just create my account I can enable location I can enable contacts if if you want and then just tap next if you can find friends and then Roger Roger and then uh display name optional and then username I can just add my username and then can just save it and then there you have it then I can invite my contacts and then here it is and then you can just browse around and then you can just you know see some interesting spots here somewhere so for example you can see some interesting places in the city or something like that you can edit place you can report that and then probably you can just track your location where you are traveling right now that's then that's just your account you can add specific place here then probably you can chat with and start a new conversation with your friends uh so yeah something like that you can search categories brand activities around there you can also find friends I'm not sure if you can find them by username but there you have it hope it's helpful

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