Gowalla App - how to use? Full overview

so here's gowala app uh keep up with your friends in real life um so yeah this is quite trending apps app it's just got into top hundred why is that I think because people are just looking for alternatives for zenly you know zanu was shut down and some users are happy with Snapchat map others are not really so yeah developers are trying to figure out what would be the best alternative so you hear you just have uh like the map um you can see different spots like you can see like different Parks so here's some Park in Copper again you can see how many people vibrated it you can see at your place to fiverrid you can see some attacks here you can see where it's located you can edit this place um uh you can add some tags you can see who added this you can add some information and all of that so these are just other users who are adding these places here then for example you have some other uh bar or you know restaurant Which is popular so yeah just interesting things to to see here um yeah and then of course you can see where you are traveling then you can add friends somehow here so you can just search by username um so then you can just uh just add people like that uh so then you can just go to profile and tap add so something around it I don't know why it's not working for me but that's basically the idea uh yeah so that's the app and then you can also add play so just tap on the plus icon you can add the place yourself and then you can just you know uh go here and then just you know place here and this is the place to relax shop travel work explore um so yeah something like that then you have your account you can you see how many saved chickens you have places created friends um you can edit your name and username then you have some settings where you can delete your account if you don't like it is there a theme you can change there is icon um all of that which you can do then also you can just filter out all the places by categories Brands and activities so yeah in any City you can just go and filter out like what interests you so it's not like you know a completely social map app however maybe it is it also can be used just for exploring different cities like I don't know I can just go for or some sort like what if I just go and relocate myself to other city um but I guess it's just so here you can see a lot of activities as well and a lot of places um so for Just For example this app is not that Viral yet there are still very like few places and there there aren't then that many users so it's good that you have some friends where you can just use it with your friends for example um yeah so that's basically the idea here uh so yeah what else just add your friends and then you can follow your friends on the map and then you can just organize about cool places to go cool places to chill together and stuff like that that's just what you can try out and hope you enjoy this app

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