Grab Driver Referral Code

The Grab referral code is used within the Grab app for booking rides and ordering food, primarily in Southeast Asia, including countries like Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Recently, Grab introduced a referral program specifically for driver and delivery partners on their platform.

To utilize the Grab driver referral program, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the provided link.
  2. Select either "Refer Bike" or "Refer Car" drivers.
  3. Click on the "Refer Now" button.
  4. Share the unique referral code with potential drivers.
  5. Have them click the referral link and fill out the provided form.
  6. You will receive updates on your referrals' application statuses.
  7. Once they are activated and meet the trip target requirements, you will receive payouts.

The program outlines specific payout amounts for both car and bike referrals. This referral program presents an opportunity for existing Grab drivers to refer new partners and benefit from their successful onboarding and performance.

To participate in this program, ensure you have the Grab driver app installed and proceed to share your unique referral code to start referring potential driver and delivery partners. By doing so, you can actively contribute to expanding the Grab driver network while also earning rewards for successful referrals.

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