Grain app - digital credit card - how to install on iPhone

Here is an interesting app called Grain digital credit card, credit for your debt card. This app was featured in a lot of media. Digital credit card for everyone, credit offer based on your cash flow, transfer credit to your checking account and credit reports in every billing cycle, auto payments and the best time for you, get personalized credit tips.

Grain helps you build your credit and increase your credit line with only $25 initial deposit, no credit check or physical card. Grain is currently available in Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio and Utah. Unfortunately, it is still in beta version in some states. However, in this app, you can get some offers in minutes. All you need to do is link your primary checking account and see your credit offer in minutes. It provides fast access to credit, allowing you to start using your credit after placing just $25 of a security deposit. You can instantly transfer credit to your linked checking account and use it to withdraw cash from your debit or any other way you'd like.

One of the key features of Grain is its focus on building credit through on-time payments. It helps you build your credit by auto-paying drafts and making monthly minimum payments before your due date to avoid late fees and overdraft fees. Additionally, Grain allows you to pay deposit in installments, unlocking more credit with every installment placed.

If you reside in one of the states where Grain is currently available, it is definitely worth checking out. While it is not yet accessible throughout the entire United States, it is actively growing. Keep an eye on this app as it expands to more regions across the country.

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