Grants expired in Worldcoin - can you still claim them?

In WorldCoin, grants have deadlines, and grants are released periodically for users to claim until a specific deadline. For example, in the recent grants, there is a deadline of March 11th. This means that the grant can only be claimed until the latest on the 11th of March, inclusive of the time 23:59 PM. Once the clock strikes midnight on the 12th of March, the grant will expire, and it will no longer be possible to claim it.

Unfortunately, in WorldCoin, expired grants cannot be claimed anymore. This implies that users cannot go back to claim grants that have already expired. It is a logical system where early adopters of the app have the advantage of reserving grants, whereas new users cannot retroactively claim grants that were released months before their registration. This limitation is set in place and is non-negotiable.

It is important for users to be aware of these grant deadlines and not miss out on claiming them before they expire. It is recommended to stay updated on the grant release dates to ensure timely claim submissions. Additionally, any insights or feedback on the grant claiming process can be shared in the comments section for further discussion and understanding within the WorldCoin community.

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