Green dot in Snapchat - what is it

In Snapchat, the green dot serves as an activity indicator, informing users whether someone is currently online or not. This feature allows you to easily determine the online status of a contact. You have the option to disable this feature by navigating to your account settings. To do this, you can access the privacy controls section and disable the activity indicator. Enabling or disabling the green dot on Snapchat provides others with visibility into your recent activity on the platform.

The green dot feature provides users with insight into the active status of their contacts, offering transparency regarding their availability on the app. By enabling this feature, your connections can easily identify if you have been active on Snapchat recently.

Here is a breakdown of the functionality of the green dot in Snapchat:

  1. It acts as an activity indicator, showcasing whether a user is currently online.
  2. Users have the option to disable the green dot feature in their account settings.
  3. Enabling the green dot allows others to see if you have been active on Snapchat recently.

In official terms, the green dot feature is referred to as an activity indicator. This designation underscores its primary function of providing visibility into a user's online presence. By understanding this feature, users can better manage their online status and privacy settings on Snapchat.

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