Green ticks in NGL messages tab - what are they?

so what is the green tick means in ngl inbox so if you're in inbox you see some messages have a gray and some of them just have like green teak um so that's basically the idea uh that it means that uh you replied to this message so basically if you see this and then you can just tap reply what happens now you open your instagram and then you can just open this and then you can just uh write something like that and then just put it here like and then if you send this story uh this message will have a green tick so that's basically the idea um hope and then you can see that the green tick actually appeared but i didn't even submit the the story yet so it's it's it's not so that's basically how it works but of course you need to send the story to uh to make it uh actual and real so yeah so in case you don't understand what that means that's the idea

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