Group chats are not working at all in app….

Group chats are not working at all in the Character AI app according to a recent video transcript. The issue seems to be affecting some users, preventing them from creating group chats, while others, like the speaker in the transcript, can still create them. However, for a significant number of users, there appears to be a strange bug in the mobile app, causing many chats to disappear and rendering the creation of group chats impossible. As a workaround, the suggestion is to utilize the website version of the app at instead of the mobile application.

The app has recently been updated to its latest version, which has unfortunately introduced numerous bugs and issues. This results in a less-than-optimal user experience for many individuals. Given the current state of the app, users experiencing persistent issues may want to explore alternative options like Talkie AI or other similar applications if the bug is not promptly resolved within a reasonable timeframe, such as a month.

In summary, the current state of group chats within the Character AI app is problematic for numerous users. While some can still manage to create group chats, many others face a frustrating bug within the mobile application that makes such functionality impossible. It is recommended that affected users switch to the website version until the bug is fixed. Additionally, considering alternative apps may be necessary if the issues persist.

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