GYEN & POWR COINBASE issues. UPDATE - podcast


19-10-2022 (Part-08) | coin network...
19-10-2022 (Part-08) | coin network Setup Information

Coinbase disabled buying, selling, sending, receiving, and trading GYEN and POWR on November 19th. Let's unpack.

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Speaker 1: Hey Aron. So let's explore what happened. Actually this GM token. So it launched on Coinbase 17th on client base pro support for GN will generally be aware jurisdictions, so now it should be available once sufficient supply of GM is established on the platform. Trading on Gin USD order books launching prices cost only or action mode than limit only in full trading mode if at any .1 of the new order.

Speaker 1: Who doesn't need our assessment for a healthier market? You may keep the book in one state for another. So what is GM? Gin is a stable coin running on a term that might have value of one Japanese the company behind GM GMO. Com trust company claims to false reserves with fully packed each GN GN is not available on clientby dot com or their consumer mobile apps.

Speaker 1: So yeah, it's not there.

Speaker 1: And then the block was subdited on November 17 to remove GN, USDT and G and Euro books from listing. There were like some GM with GM on Coinbase because people couldn't see the correct amount of GM, I think. And then they couldn't destroy it.

Speaker 1: Trading and connectivity has been resumed on Coinbase Exchange and Coinbase Prowp and mobile like. And there were no updates on GN. We couldn't make the money back to Nix over again.

Speaker 1: So people in future are just writing that. That's absolutely ridiculous.

Speaker 1: What's going on? And when you fix the GM and when you get the coins or money, please tell us where it works. So it's back on November 26. And then some people tell like could someone tell me how to get my money back from GM? I invested eight K in there.

Speaker 1: It was going down, but now it's not showing up on Coinbase Pro for a couple of days. So sad.

Speaker 1: So what coined by Support is sincerely apologize for the Glitch in our server. In the past days. Our team is currently working on correcting the issues, but that's basically a scam account because a lot of people are manipulating and creating like Coinbase underscore or something like that. And then that's basic. They just try to send you some messages in DMs and all of that.

Speaker 1: So the issue is GM is just not showing up.

Speaker 1: And then there was some other issue debut on Coinbase leads to price in reach and it's Karocated and well, you still since it's inception to a near all time hacker. It's the Buton Coinbase so does that. But on GM, I tried to investigate more and find some issues. Why it didn't work. And actually a lot of people are really searching and trying to find what was the exact issue with GN and Power.

Speaker 1: The one reply from Coinbase support. There was like a big Strat that we are currently experiencing an issue with GNN and Power. We are desiring buying, selling, standing, receiving and threading GNN and Power on Coinbase. Com. Our teams are working to fix this as quickly as possible.

Speaker 1: We do apologize for inconvenience and then Giann and Power wallet balances will be temporarily unavailable as we work to resolve this issue. So that's actually a big thing here. And then we continue to work towards a fixed due to technical reasons related to GN and Power. Thanks for your passion. While we investigate, other updates will be communicates through statuscoinbase.

Speaker 1: Com. And then if I go there, you can see that on the November 22 there is an update that we have enabled withdrawals for Gin and Power for technical reasons. Buying, selling, trading and deposit address generation will remain. Power continues the critical work to restore the full service for TNM Power. That's the latest update from November 22 so you can only with Georgia and Power so that's that the previous update was we are still experiencing technical issues with Giann and Power and continue to work towards the fix.

Speaker 1: In addition, we have temporarily restricted some customers account while we Proactive. We'll post updates here as soon as they are available. So there is still no update from November 22. So that's the issue with Powerandtokens on Coinbase. Com.

Speaker 1: If you have any other additional insights, leave them as a comment on my blog Mr. Hakiro. Or just check out some future podcasts. Bye.

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