Handy Live Widget Wallpaper - app overview

Here we have an interesting app called Handy Live Widget Wallpaper. This app falls under the graphics and design category and offers users the ability to download awesome iOS theme icon packs created by independent artists. With Handy Live Widget Wallpaper, there's no need to go through the hassle of creating icons one by one using shortcuts. Instead, you can easily manage themes all in one place with just one click.

One of the key features of Handy Live Widget Wallpaper is its platform that connects artists and users. It provides a marketplace where artists can sell their themes to users all over the world. You can open the app and explore various feature designs, including the handy joy club, which serves as the marketplace for app themes.

For example, you can find a pastel summer theme and app icon pack with over 200 assets, including 190 icons and 8 widgets for your wallpaper. You have the option to purchase these creations from the respective creators. The app also allows you to view creator profiles, including their download count and description, ensuring you know what you're getting before making a purchase.

To install the themes, you will need to create an account. This can be done easily using your Apple account, making the process seamless. Once installed, the icons will automatically sync with the items on your phone, and you can choose from small or medium widgets to install based on your preference. The app also gives you the option to get additional assets or purchase the full pack.

One of the reasons why Handy Live Widget Wallpaper is a cool app is because it introduces you to real creators who provide unique themes, allowing you to stand out and have a cool iPhone screen. The app is growing rapidly in the iOS App Store charts, showing its popularity among users.

In conclusion, Handy Live Widget Wallpaper is a handy app for iOS users who want to personalize their devices with aesthetic icons, animated widgets, and live wallpapers. With its marketplace for app themes created by independent artists, users can easily find and purchase unique creations that suit their preferences. Give this app a try and experience a whole new level of customization for your iPhone screen.

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