Hashtags are finally available in Threads app - without hashtags symbol

Hashtags are finally available in the Threads app, and what's interesting is that they can now be used without the traditional hash symbol. This new update is being rolled out globally, marking a significant development for the popular meta social network.

However, it's important to note that the Threads app is still unavailable in the European Union, and there is currently no information on when it will be accessible in that region. Nevertheless, for users in other parts of the world, this update opens up new possibilities for organizing and discovering content within the app.

The introduction of hashtags without the hash symbol is a welcome change for many users. Previously, the app only allowed the use of hashtags when preceded by the hash symbol. Now, users can simply type out a phrase with spaces and special characters to create a tag. This not only makes it more user-friendly, but it also adds flexibility in terms of the types of tags that can be created.

To avoid tag spam and maintain the integrity of the tagging system, Threads app users will only be able to tag a single topic per post. This limitation ensures that each tag represents a specific theme or concept, preventing misuse or cluttering of tags.

The tag feature first underwent testing in Australia last month and has now been made available to users worldwide. It's a straightforward process to use the new hashtag feature in Threads. Users can simply tap on the hashtag button and start typing the desired tag. As they type, the app will display a preview of the tag, making it easy to confirm and add it to the post.

It's worth noting that the Threads app does not currently have a trending section where users can discover popular tags or topics. However, when tapping on the hashtag button, users may come across popular text suggestions that they can easily incorporate into their posts. This can help users keep up with trending topics or add relevant tags without having to manually search for them.

In conclusion, the inclusion of hashtags without the hash symbol in the Threads app is a significant update that enhances the user experience and provides more flexibility in creating and organizing content. With this update, it's now easier than ever for users to tag their posts with relevant topics and engage with others who share similar interests.

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