HAYO AI app - full overview

Hey everyone! Today, I want to give you a complete overview of the HAYO AI app. This app is all about one-click face swaps and AI chat. It offers an abundance of styles for you to swap at will, with simpler prompts that make your conversation intelligent and efficient. With thousands of prompts available, HAYO AI is a powerful application that combines one-tap face swapping with full-fledged AI creation.

The app is bolstered by intelligent online chatbot features and infinite creative drawing tools. Its mission is to offer a creative and convenient AI experience. As a professional intelligent assistant, HAYO AI invites you into the fascinating world of AI, setting your imagination free and sparking the limitless potential of technology.

One of the standout features of this app is that it combines several AI tools into one. You can explore AI drawing, AI chat, AI tool recommendations, real-time AI information, and community interaction all within a single app.

What sets HAYO AI apart from other apps in the market is its affordability. While other apps often focus on specific features such as chat GPT alternatives, image generation, or AI characters, HAYO AI offers all of these AI tools in one app. And the best part is that it comes at a low price. The monthly cost is just $4.29, and even the free plan allows for extensive usage.

Let's take a closer look at the functionalities of the app. The top features include AI chat and AI draw. In the AI chat section, you can choose from various available models. While GPT 4 requires an upgrade, you can still enjoy alternative chat GPT-like experiences without any major issues. The app provides instant responses and suggesting answers, making your chat feel almost real-time.

For those interested in AI characters, you can create your own personalized character within the app, similar to other character AI apps in the market. What sets HAYO AI apart is that you don't need to upgrade or pay extra for additional features. You can simply enter your avatar's name and role, and even receive travel recommendations from your AI character.

In addition to AI chat and AI characters, HAYO AI also offers AI Dungeon, where you can play AI games and even create your own game. The app also features a copywriting tool for creating long-form content suitable for freelance writing, social media copywriting, love letters, and poetry.

Another exciting feature is the AI draw section, where you can create images similar to apps like Dali or Mid Journey. You can explore the gallery and select an image to draw. HAYO AI even provides prompt suggestions to inspire your artwork.

The app offers additional functionalities such as chat settings, clearing chat history, voice input, and advanced feedback options. It also allows you to explore various settings, manage your account, and access subscriptions.

Speaking of subscriptions, HAYO AI offers different plans for AI chat and AI draw. The AI chat free plan provides a daily quota of 50 and no hourly limit. The AI draw free plan offers a daily quota of 50 and allows for up to 8 images per hour. However, if you wish to unlock additional features, you can opt for the AI draw pro plan or the chat pro plan. The combined cost for both plans is $8.60 per month, which is still relatively affordable compared to similar apps in the market.

What makes this app even more enticing is that you can invite friends to register using your code and receive a 500 quota as a reward. So feel free to use my code and claim your new user quota gift!

Overall, HAYO AI is a comprehensive app that brings together various AI tools into one convenient platform. With its affordable pricing, extensive functionality, and recent major upgrades, it's definitely worth exploring. If you have any additional tips or insights about HAYO AI, feel free to leave them in the comments. This app is a testament to how AI applications are becoming more accessible and budget-friendly, so take advantage of this opportunity and give it a try!

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