HealthEquity mobile app - how to install on iPhone

The HealthEquity mobile app is a powerful tool that allows users to easily access their benefit accounts on the go. With this app, users can quickly check their account balances, manage reimbursements and payments, and review and update investments.

To install the HealthEquity mobile app on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the "Get" button to initiate the installation process.
  2. Double-click on the app icon once it has finished downloading.
  3. Confirm your identity using Face ID or Touch ID for added security.
  4. After verifying your identity, you will be greeted with the main interface of the HealthEquity mobile app.
  5. Within the app, you will find up-to-date account balance information conveniently displayed in one easy spot.
  6. The app also allows users to effortlessly manage multiple reimbursements and payments.
  7. Additionally, you can review and update your SA (Savings Account) investments directly from the app.

It is important to note that the HealthEquity mobile app is primarily designed for logging in to your existing account. Therefore, it is necessary to have already created your account either on the web version or elsewhere before attempting to use the app. Unfortunately, account creation cannot be done directly through the mobile app.

Once you have successfully installed the app, you can choose to enable notifications to stay updated with any important account-related information. From there, simply log in to access the features and benefits of the HealthEquity mobile app.

In conclusion, the HealthEquity mobile app offers a convenient solution for managing and monitoring all aspects of your benefit accounts. With its user-friendly interface and access to real-time information, staying on top of your health and wealth has never been easier.

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