HEARDLE app from Spotify - full overview

So here is Hurdle app from Spotify. It's pretty interesting idea. So you just need to go to Spotify.com slash hurdle. And this is how you find out this game. And yeah, so you just listen to the first like one second, a few second of the song and then you can just suggest which song is it. So I don't know. I just give you an idea. And then listen to the intros and find the correct artist title in the list. Skip the incorrect attempts. Unlock more of the intro answer in as few tries as possible and share your score. So then probably you can see you can see all of these stats. And then there is some information each day. They hurdle features a clip from a popular song. Guess in as few tries as possible and be sure to come back every day for a new song. So this app is kind of like similar to Wordle app where you just submit which went viral and you were submitting like, you know, guessing words and everyone was just sharing it on Twitter and something like that. So, yeah, then you can just submit, for example, I have no idea. I'll just submit it like this. So you can see that from the first try, I'm not correct. So then I'm guessing one more second and then I will get up to 16 seconds in the song to submit it. And then you can also just tap see today's answer to see the answer. So, yeah, that's the process. So try out this app. It's a it's an app from Spotify. It's pretty fun if you if you like to listen to a lot of songs, because obviously there won't be like some popular pop hits or something like that, which everyone knows, but some nice songs. So you can give it a try.

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