Hevy app - gym tracker - tutorial

Here's an interesting gym tracker workout log app called Heavy. Log workouts, get stronger, get motivated, analyze your workouts, plan your routines, and join a growing community. Track measurements, compare your strengths - this is the app featured by Apple as well, touted as the most intuitive workout tracker and planner in the world. It offers a no ad and free plan for users to plan their weightlifting routines, log workouts, and track exercise progress.

Upon opening the app, users can instantly create an account using Apple, Google, or Facebook credentials. You will be prompted to create a username and select your preferred unit system. The app also allows access to your Apple Health data. For users interested in additional features, there is a pro account option available at a reasonable price.

The workout tracking functionality lets users input exercises, sets, and reps. For example, logging a set of crunches followed by biceps curls with corresponding reps and weights. There are options to adjust timers, use a stopwatch for exercise timing, and add details such as duration, volume, and photos to each workout.

The app enables users to share their workouts, interact with other users, follow workout routines, explore different exercises, and view detailed stats and analytics on their profiles. It offers preset routines like bench press, shoulder press, single-arm exercises, back and bicep routines, abs workouts, full-body routines, and more.

In summary, Heavy app provides a comprehensive platform for gym-goers to track their fitness journeys effectively. Its user-friendly interface, community features, and workout analysis tools make it a valuable tool for those looking to improve their strength and overall fitness levels. If you are seeking a workout tracker that offers a blend of functionality and ease of use, give Heavy a try.

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