so in this quick tutorial we're gonna go through Hive social uh which is a new viral app considered as one of possible replacements for Twitter use people are searching for new interesting social media apps as mind social apps uh in some kind of turbulence all the time so half social is an interesting alternative um yeah it's kind of I would say it's a combination of Twitter Instagram and also Spotify so you can express yourself with customizable music section um yeah you can create your account there's a lot of pictures and visuals um we make it easy for you to discover content you enjoy whether it's for this video statuses a music feature allows you to express yourself or ask future maxity on more fun to interact with other users and with our phonological confit you'll never miss a post from your family and friends so yeah one of the features this app is just like simple chronological feed without some additional algorithms which may you know deliver not the best results sometimes but yeah on the downside this app is like pretty glitchy right now it's it's jumped in the top charts literally in the top 10 apps on the US App Store and seems like either it's architecture or like servers are just not like you know prepared for this uh so it it's like the app is at the moment super slow um but uh still I will try to show you some features just super quick so here is the app it kind of looks like Twitter so you just follow people and then uh yeah you can see their statuses their photos you can retweet them you can comment you can like them uh then you can go to specific profile you can block or report them uh yeah then there are direct messages in the top right you can just um see who can send you messages so that's like a DM experience on Twitter then there is a discovery feed you can see trending uh posts you can follow them um I don't know about all the types of content and moderation actually I think you should be quite careful with all these new apps there is a lot of spam here and like inappropriate content but hopefully it's just getting better this time so yeah there you have it then on the next step you can just post uh your links you can add photos gifs you can add pause um then you can see who can comment you can disable that then setting saved and then for example you can just post it um then there is notification feed you can manage those as you can see some buttons are not loading for some reason I was trying this app for like a few days right now it just keeps like that I tried it like a year ago or something of course it was much faster but it wasn't in the top charts right now I'm pretty sure I have pretty fast internet and my phone is not that old but just like you know the app is in the top charts so it's pretty buggy but anyhow um this is your profile um you can change your profile picture you can edit your profile you can just go here in top right um then there is your account so you can change all of this information here email phone number per stay security you can easily deactivate your account or change your password privacy and safety you can select private account you can add some hidden words you can see which account you blocked if you want to unblock them or which account you muted then express yourself with colors music so this is where you can connect your account to user profile music feature so just connect Spotify Apple music so you can do that um invite friends so if you want to invite friends just tap here meaning you can invite people from outside of the hive social app um so that's here you can do that uh yeah so that's basically the idea uh that's how it works then there are all your pictures and then uh that's how it works and then you have your edit section uh you have your name username pronouns bio website you can display your zodiac sign and change your profile picture from here um so that's that's basically it uh there is some support section but yes you can see the app is like pretty slow right now but uh that's what it is and yeah that's basically it so you can always just click on some photos you can save bookmark it you can follow some people um uh there aren't that many people yet in in this app but it's growing um I hope it will become faster and more features but yeah what people like is actually pretty nice minimalistic design and uh kind of easy to use if you're uh if you like Twitter so it's kind of super similar and you don't need to learn a lot of new stuff it's it's not that complicated as Mastodon like unmastered on people can't figure out all these servers like how like uh all that stuff works hype social is just like really looks like Twitter but yeah hopefully I will fix a bit of this bugginess but anyhow that's um that's Hive social really cool app uh um interesting to browse around I hope it will become faster as soon as possible and that's that

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