hoopla Digital app - how to add your library card?

there so here is hoopla digital app it's super popular apps in top charts and the idea is that you can access a lot of books audio books titles just with your library cards so you need to go to your local library get your card number and then you will just be able to you know to use your library card and just access one million titles and save you a lot of money instead of you know buying all of these titles with Amazon Prime or some other app just go here so to enter your library card first you need to get it and unfortunately these app is only available to understand in US and Canada so if you're in UK or Europe or something like that probably just not gonna work because you need to be in the library which which supports this app and then you just select your library from the list and then you just need to enter a card number and pin number so here you can just search for your library when you create in your account so when you're creating your account just use your email and password then choose your library and that's basically the process here so yeah I hope that's helpful and thank you for watching

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