Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars - app overview & how to use

here is the app called Hopper flies hotels and cars it's constantly trending in the charts in travel categories so as you can see it's a in the top charts I'm on booking.com airline apps and all of that so yeah because it often offers a lot of deals and discounts and you can easily save money here so just by signing up I already got like a voucher like a discount just for signing up so here is just a tree overview so as you can see I'm I'm just starting to use the app and I have another uh another uh offer where you can where I can redeem some uh another discount so here's the app you can search for hotels flights cars homes so if I want to search for flight whatever and then I can just search for some flight and then just departure dates I can instantly see uh green cheaper days read more expensive days so I want to travel here and then I want to travel back and then I just select these days and then just search and then I can also shop multi-city trips so that's basically the idea and it's like super easy interface um like very intuitive app you don't need a lot of knowledge to try to start using it and then yeah you can just see and then it's just fetching the latest price so yeah then and then yeah you can just select multi-cities so anyhow this is just an overview then you can rent cars you can search for hotels then you just have your wallet where you can sell the rewards then you can also invite friends uh here and then as there is a separate separate app for the hotels you have your profile you can sign out um um so yeah that's basically just a quick overview um the point of this app is that you can really find some nicer deals here compared to other apps and you can get a lot of discounts vouchers and time of time they offer a lot of these you know like deal discounts uh where you can get like 30 50 100 sometimes and all of that so it can make sense so I didn't use this app before uh a lot but you can just give it a try and check it out so here you can just add a card you can see your past trips and all of that um hope that's helpful

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