How many BeReals can you post per day?

"How many BeReals can you post per day?"

If you're having trouble posting multiple BeReals on the social media platform, it's important to know the limitations. In a recent video transcript, it was explained that users are only able to post three BeReals per day.

So, why this limit? It's likely in an effort to prevent spamming and ensure that the platform is not overwhelmed with an excessive amount of content from one user.

If you've already hit your limit for the day and try to post another BeReal, you'll receive a message that reads "post more tomorrow." This means you'll need to wait until the next day before posting another BeReal.

However, if you post your first BeReal on time, you'll have the ability to post two additional BeReals throughout the day. But, if your initial post is made late, you won't have access to the additional posts.

In conclusion, while it may be tempting to post numerous BeReals in one day, it's important to follow the platform's limitations to avoid being flagged for spamming and to ensure that the content remains balanced for all users.

Remember, it's always better to prioritize quality content over quantity.


  • Users can only post three BeReals per day
  • The limit is likely in place to prevent spamming
  • Attempting to post more than three BeReals in a day will result in a message asking you to wait until the next day
  • Posting the first BeReal on time allows for two additional posts
  • Quality content should always be prioritized over quantity
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