How much time to get Twitter blue checkmark after upgrading? Sharing my experience

hello so with this new Twitter blue uh when you upgrade you will get this Twitter blue verification check mark this blue icon but the thing is a lot of people expect that if you just upgrade it will instantly appear just after you submitted your payment yeah but it's it's not the case so it says blue looks good when you enjoy a verified account in blue check mark once you've been approved so how long do you need to wait until after you paid and until you get this blue check mark so I did a YouTube video about it because I didn't receive it instantly a lot of people actually started to reach out to me in my DMs on Twitter asking how long time for me did it take so for me it actually was around like four or five days even a week as I remember so I didn't get it instantly I didn't get it after one day and then I just forgot about it and I opened Twitter after like week or so and then it was there other users reach out to me on Twitter and like uh some of the users it took one day for other users it took like four days so it's different for everyone there is no like uh fixed timeline as I understand um so yeah how long do I to get this blue check mark So it differs it can be up to a vehicle even more as I guess but it's com it's not instant so there is some verification process going on you are lucky if you get it after one day 24 hours but few users get it so fast so um yeah usually you need to write at least few days and for me it was like five to seven days after you upgrade it to Twitter blue and then so this is a time frame after you already paid and before you received your check mark so yeah if you upgrade that you need to know that you will need to write like few dice at least to get this blue check mark

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