How much USD does Sweat Wallet pay you for steps? Let’s calculate!

Sweat Wallet is an app that rewards you for your physical activity by paying you in Sweat Coins. But how much does Sweat Wallet actually pay you for your steps? Let's dive into the numbers and calculate the earnings.

In a video transcript, the speaker mentions having 832 Sweat Coins in their portfolio, which is valued at around six dollars. This means that 832.54 Sweat Coins is equivalent to $5.98 in Sweat or currency, along with two cents in Near Protocol.

To understand how much each Sweat Coin is worth, the speaker proceeds to calculate it by dividing the six dollars by 832 Sweat Coins. This calculation reveals that one Sweat Coin is worth approximately 0.007 fraction of a dollar. Additionally, the speaker mentions that one Sweat Coin is earned for every 4,500 steps taken.

To put this into perspective, the speaker continues the calculation by determining how many Sweat Coins are needed to earn one dollar. Using the ratio of 138 Sweat Coins for one dollar, they multiply it by 4,500 steps. This calculation results in the conclusion that you would need to take approximately 624,000 steps in the Sweat Wallet app to earn one dollar.

The speaker acknowledges that the pay rate in Sweat Wallet may seem very low, and the actual value of the app depends on how valuable you consider the Sweat Wallet currency. However, they note that you can transfer your earned Sweat Coins to other wallets and then withdraw them through Near Protocol.

It's important to note that the value of Sweat Coins may increase in the future, meaning that you might need to accumulate even more steps to earn a single Sweat Coin. As of now, however, the calculation stands at 4,500 steps per Sweat Coin.

In conclusion, Sweat Wallet pays users in Sweat Coins for their physical activity. The earnings are modest, with approximately 624,000 steps in the app needed to earn one dollar. While the pay rate is relatively low, the ability to transfer and withdraw Sweat Coins through other wallets and Near Protocol adds flexibility to the system. As the value of Sweat Coins continues to evolve, users may need to take more steps to earn the same amount in the future.

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