How swiping works in Wizz app?

here is this app let's discover how swiping works here so yeah if you want to find new friends before I even know um you just swipe uh left meaning it means you say no uh them uh yeah uh if you I then you want to swipe right that's on Tinder to say yes but then if you do that it just basically here means that you are doing a rewind and you're swiping right it's you just want to come back to the previous profile so you just swipe in uh between profiles if you want to swipe uh yes you just swipe up and then you can just send a message or then you can send a super standard to bulk chat whatever you want so it's it doesn't work like on Tinder so yeah here you're just moving these profiles um yeah if you again if you swipe uh left you just go into to another profile if you swipe right you want to rewind if you swipe up you're just sending chats and that's basically meaning if you swipe yes

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