How to accept an invitation for BeReal group

Hey there, so how to accept an invitation for BeReal group? In your BeReal account, you have groups. If you see some pending invites, you will notice a red dot. Follow the steps below to accept the invitation:

  1. Tap on the notification: Upon seeing the red dot indicating a pending invite, tap on it.
  2. Join the group chat: Once you tap on the notification, you will be directed to the invite to join the group chat.
  3. Start chatting: After successfully accepting the invitation, you can start chatting with the group members.

This new feature in BeReal allows for seamless group interactions. Although, it's worth noting that as a regular member, you won't have the authority to delete or manage the group. Simply enjoy the group chat experience as a participant.

Embrace this efficient way of connecting with others on BeReal and make the most of the group chat feature. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements on the platform.

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