How to accept NEW YouTube Terms? You can do it from mobile!

hey everyone so did you know that you can already accept new YouTube terms and start earning Revenue additional revenue from YouTube short starting February 2023 and I noticed that on my YouTube Studio on desktop if I just go I don't see any notifications any tabs any pop-ups so nothing is there but if you just update your YouTube studio app and go to earn tap in the bottom right yeah it's already there so you can just accept a new new terms already here from just from YouTube studio app super easy actually super convenient so you need to accept three things you need to accept base terms which is like base terms for your YouTube partnership you need to accept page watch terms which are terms for like standard YouTube ads for longer videos and then there is a new shorts feed agreement which you need also to accept uh and then if you do it right now you can already start earning maybe some additional Revenue maybe you are a huge Source Creator so it can be really huge for you like and you can start earning that from February 1st 2023 and then you can earn from ads and YouTube premium in the short feed so if premium subscriber uh watches your shorts you can also earn chunk of that so that's basically that so you can just enable this additional channels and you can already do from YouTube Studio mobile app

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