How to accept SUSH request?

How to accept SUSH request?

Today, we are going to learn how to accept SUSH requests in the Sush app. It's a simple process that allows you to connect with other users and enjoy raising Sushi together. Let's dive right into it!

Upon opening the app, you will notice a number in the top right corner. This number indicates the total number of requests you have received. It could be one or two, depending on the number of requests you have pending. Proceed by tapping on this number to view your requests.

Once you access your requests, you will see the username of the user who wants to raise Sushi with you. From here, you have two options - you can either tap on the "Accept" button, or if you wish to ignore the request, simply tap on the option to ignore it at the bottom of the screen.

By accepting a request, you are granting permission for the user to connect with you and begin raising Sushi together. It's a great way to meet new people who share the same interests as you and enjoy the Sush experience. Remember, you always have the option to ignore a request if you are not interested or unable to join at that moment.

Furthermore, the Sush app also allows you to send requests on your own. If there is a specific user you'd like to connect with, simply search for their username within the app. Once you find the user, you can send them a request just like others have done with you.

In conclusion, accepting SUSH requests in the Sush app is a seamless process. With the ability to accept or ignore requests, as well as send your own, you can easily connect with other users and embark on a Sushi-raising adventure together. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and enjoy the countless opportunities that await you on Sush!

Note: This article assumes prior knowledge of the Sush app and its basic functionalities. If you are new to the app, make sure to familiarize yourself with its features to fully enjoy the Sushi-raising experience.

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