How to access New Bing FASTER - speed up your place in the waitlist!

everyone wants to get access to the new being as fast as possible and at the moment you can just jump on the white list but if you're already on the white list you can access even faster so it says get ahead in line when you complete the following set Microsoft defaults on your PC so it's meaning that you can get ahead faster in the white list and there are some tasks you need to come complete so you can just search install Microsoft bin search for Chrome so you can install that and then you can just scan the QR code to install the Microsoft Bing app and then you can just get this new app yeah either on Android or iOS the new chat experience not yet available on Android or iOS app is only available on desktop there are some example queries and all of that but if you just scan the QR code and also install that being Chrome extension you will just move faster in the line and then when you install the Bing app just make sure to sign in with your Microsoft account the same account you sign in for the white list and then maybe you can just jump faster in this white list for this new PIN with charge GPT hope this is helpful

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