How to ADD A BEREAL WIDGET on iPhone? Full guide

here is a guide how to add be real widget so as any other widget on iphone first you need to be upgraded about ios 13 so if you have some older iphones iphone 7 yeah just make sure to do that maybe it's not possible if you have iphone 6 but just tap and hold and then you should see apps jiggling and then you should see in top left or top right this plus icon and then you should just write be real so you should have burial app installed and you should have uh yeah just account created so yeah at the moment it's only possible to install this widget moji widget so that's the only widget they have and here what you will see you will see your friends reacting with real modules on your home screen so just tap add widget and there you have it and you you can't edit it or add some other features uh so yeah here is just it is and there you have it this uh widget emoji stuff and uh yeah so it's not you won't be seeing uh some images or posts in in in this feature i don't know why maybe it would be a good idea but nope you won't be seeing that the only thing you will be seeing is uh if someone goes to your post and reacts uh reacts with real emoji so that's the only thing you would be able to see nothing else so yeah uh and this real mod user actions they can they can be just some images images with emojis or something like that and yeah you need to have actually quite a lot of friends to receive some real emojis uh yeah i guess like more than 10 friends or just ask your friends to yeah because a lot of people are just having this post and not everyone just gonna send real money straight to your post but that's that um that's how you install burial widget there is only one widget size at this moment there are no big large small widgets i think the developer team will definitely dedicate more time to this feature i think there is so much potential in having like a proper big burial widget with more controls and with some more customization like locket wizard or noted widget or something like that so that's basically that

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