How to add a car in SnapChat?

In a recent video transcript, the process of changing the car on Snapchat is detailed. To add a car in Snapchat, the following steps need to be taken:

  • Upgrade to Snapchat Plus
  • Tap on "Choose my car"
  • Select the car of your choice

After upgrading to Snapchat Plus, users can follow these straightforward steps to change their car within the app. Once you have selected the desired car, it will be saved as your default car within Snapchat.

It is worth noting that while the process to select and save a car is outlined, removing a car completely from your Snapchat profile may not be directly addressed in the video. This feature seems to be exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

For those looking to customize their Snapchat profiles further, upgrading to Snapchat Plus offers additional features and capabilities beyond just changing your car. This video transcript provides a clear guide on how to enhance your Snapchat experience with this particular customization option.

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