How to add a challenger in Fantasy Hike app?

Fantasy Hike app, known for its immersive hiking experience, offers users the ability to add a challenger to enhance their gameplay. If you're wondering how to add a challenger in this popular app, we've got you covered.

To begin, navigate to the map tab, which is the second option from the left on the app's menu. Within this tab, you'll find the option to add a challenger. The app provides different types of challengers with varying speeds, such as fast, normal, slow, or none.

Once you've selected the challenger that suits your preferences, you can view detailed information about them, including a brief description. This feature adds an element of competition to your hiking experience, as you'll be able to track how far ahead or behind you are in relation to your challenger.

One important aspect to note is that the app's free trial version restricts users to walking a maximum of 1500 meters per day. This limitation encourages users to upgrade to a premium version, allowing for a more extensive hiking experience.

If you wish to remove the challenger at any point, the app provides a straightforward option to do so. Simply type "none" in the appropriate field, and the challenger will be removed from your gameplay.

Fantasy Hike app truly takes hiking to the next level with the addition of challengers. This feature provides an extra layer of motivation and competition, pushing users to strive for personal improvements and upgrades within the app.

So if you're eager to enhance your hiking experience and enjoy a friendly competition, be sure to explore the option of adding a challenger within the Fantasy Hike app. Lace up your hiking boots, choose your challenger, and embark on an exciting journey towards accomplishing your hiking goals.

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