to add a crush widget unlocked widget app tap and hold tap on the plus icon top right top left tap search for locket and then you can swipe right and there is a new type of widget which is called crash widget so it's available after recent pocket widget update or you also maybe you need to sign up for the test flight version test version to get access i don't remember exactly and then you can just tap and hold and edit widget and then just pick a friend and then yeah you can just uh select your crash uh girlfriend in this widget or your partner and then it will she he will appear in this widget as a separate widget not among all other people the same is they also have like a best friend widget um so yeah that's a new update so if i go to lock it widget actually i can just tap in the top right and then i think you you need to sign up here trying the features early get access and then fill out this form and then you will get access to test app which might include these features

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