How to add a LiveStatus widget on iPhone?

here's Live status widget app so to add the home screen widget here's what you need to do first install the app and then you see the example of the widget here I will just remove it and start all over just to show you guys so just tap and hold and then you will see the apps jiglin tab Plus in top right and then search for Live status here then you will find the video here you can find different types of widgets you can find small you can start find bigger you can have like four widgets then just select those and then just add widget I usually just start with a small widget then just tap again on the home button and App Store stop jiggling and yeah so now you installed your home screen widget also in this app you can install lock screen widget meaning on your lock screen but you need to have IOS 16 plus to do that and then you can just write something or Draw Something or uh uh yeah like added uh add images camera for us and then just tap okay and then just choose your status uh like something like this and then just tap next and then you can then create a group or send to your contacts you can also use sun and vanish that it disappears um and then it's sent to the chat and it also shown as on a home screen widget so something like that and then you can also tap on it and reply instantly um so something around that hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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