How to add a new friend in Widgetable app?

So you've just downloaded the Widgetable app and you're wondering how to add a new friend? Well, worry not! We have a simple guide to help you out.

  1. Open the app: First things first, open the Widgetable app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the friends tab: Once you're inside the app, navigate to the friends tab. This is where you can manage your list of friends.
  3. Look for the green button: In the bottom section of the friends tab, you'll find an add new friend button. It's green and hard to miss.
  4. Tap on the button: Tap on the add new friend button to proceed with adding a new friend.
  5. Obtain your friend's Vegetable code: To add a friend, you'll need their Vegetable code. Reach out to your friend and ask them to share their code with you.
  6. Share the code with your friend: Alternatively, if you have the code already, you can share it with your friend. From the same menu, you'll find options to copy the code or share it directly as an invite.
  7. Copy the code: If you choose to copy the code, simply tap on the copy option. This will save the code to your clipboard.
  8. Invite your friend: If you prefer to directly invite your friend, select the share option. This will allow you to send the Vegetable code to your friend through various messaging or communication apps on your device.
  9. Add your friend in Vegetable app: Your friend will now have the Vegetable code. Ask them to click on the link provided and add you as a friend in the Vegetable app. They can do this by pasting the code in the designated field.
  10. Enjoy the widgets together: Once your friend has added you, you can now enjoy interesting widgets with them. Explore the app and see what features you can discover together.

That's it! Following these steps will ensure that you successfully add a new friend in the Widgetable app. Give it a try and have fun connecting with others through this exciting app.

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