How to add a Revue newsletter signup on Twitter profile?

hello so here is a cool feature on twitter where you can put your newsletter box under your twitter profile so it looks like this you can just tap subscribe and tap subscribe and yeah it will show your confirmer subscription box and then you just need to confirm your email so how to enable that so you need to install a tool which is called get review like this and then basically just go to you need to sign up is your twitter account and then you can just when you sign up you will see this notification and that's like everyone can now subscribe to review newsletter directly from twitter profile we just added ios and rollout this feature globally so and then you can just enable it um so yeah that's how you include that link so i'll just try to do it now i'll just type enable now show newsletter on twitter profile and don't show example issue you can show like some yeah your latest issue uh and then just tap save changes and then yeah so probably you can also access that somewhere in settings here uh so that's the idea if you have a lot of subscribers followers on twitter and usually you're you have a lot of impressions on twitter you can have like millions impressions and thousands of people going to check out your profile some part of them can subscribe to your newsletter so it's really good cta to have on your twitter profile and then just let people to subscribe directly from your twitter profile so there you have it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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