How to ADD AVATAR to profile picture in Instagram app?

hey there here's Instagram at Avatar your profile picture on Instagram it's the new feature it was just released on 24th of January and then if you tap edit profile you can see that it's kind of flipping between Avatar and uh profile picture so you can just go to your avatar and then here you can just toggle this on add to profile picture you can also edit your avatar create new Avatar anything like this uh so that's her and then basically when people are visiting your profile it will kind of flip like a coin so it will show you original picture and then it will also flip show your avatar like as you can see right now uh so yeah that's basically a new addition to to Instagram it's a super interesting feature so yeah just make sure to update your Instagram app and then just go to edit profile and then you will be able to edit your avatar and it will be flipping like that you can always remove either current picture or you can remove Avatar um so there you have it hope that was helpful please like this video if if it was helpful for you you can always join uh and become a member on my YouTube channel

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